Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Mike!!!

Mike turns 50 yrs-old today..

Double Chocolate Chip....(Grande Sz).. You know you got me Open

Ok now i always thought that Starbucks were for geeks, bookworms, and simply corn-balls who can't live their everyday lives without some dam coffee or having  a freaking french cappuccino (gay/metro)...You know the ones that you find with their Mac Book Pro open..Checking for the latest on Obama or Mc. Gayin  or reading a novel in a smooth calm manner.'s kinda like a library with coffee ...Now i'm not knocking anyone so please don't take it the wrong way cuz  i too seem to have fallen into the G.A.P... My Girl put me on to this certain drink from the heavens..." The Double Chocolate Chip " (Grande Size ) ..... This drink had me open from the 1st sip.... So don't be surprised if you catch me at Starbucks by the Ruby Tuesday with my Mac Book Pro open..and my thong-sandals (drew) with my DCC Grande Size.... Reading the Autobiography of Miles Davis.... Imma Corn-Ball too.... 
 I freaking love this dam drink

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thanks to You...I won!! Check out the Video

This all took place Monday Afternoon......... Funny cause it all started from me hearing about this beat contest on the radio..and now....this...check out the video

Tuesday night they played the METS and i was watching the game from home with a good friend of mine Ali... I had the TV on Blast so we could hear the intro music when Ryan walked up and we heard it clear as day......He didn't hit a homerun the night before soon as the pitcher threw the 1st pitch...."Smack!!!" Deep to Left Field's Outta Here...Homerun!!! that felt good...and every single time he went up to bat...we heard the horns

Me and My Number 1

Friday, August 22, 2008

Maino's Album Review in Smooth Mag which drops in OCT'2008

They mention the song Vers & I Produced for Maino... "Runaway Slave"

it reads:
If Tomorrow Comes ( Atlantic Records)
Named after a novel by Sidney Sheldon, Bed-Stuy native Jermaine " Maino" Coleman's Debut Full-Length tells the harrowing story of his transition from parolee to rapper. rhyming was something maino picked up out of boredom while serving a 10-yr bid in solitary confinement. It's clear that his skills are being honed, but what he lacks in finesse, he makes up in power. He has Exceptional ability to translate his raw emotion into words, especially as he details he despair of warring with his baby-mama on the fiery " Kill You" and the equally-revealing "Runaway Slave." He certifies his rugged personality with cuts like "I'm Sorry," a Cool & Dre production driven by synthy pianos and Maino's Iceberg Slim Mentality, and "Gangsta," which is propelled by a battering blues sample. By the end of the record, it's evident that Maino's still very much an uncompromising gangsta. The Only Difference is that he switched lanes for a steadier cash flow, Probably a good call on his part.
3 1/2 Stars out of 5

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It's been some year for Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter. In the past 12 months, the Brooklyn, N.Y.-born hip-hop demigod released a platinum album, signed a 10-year, $150 million deal with concert promoter Live Nation and tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Beyoncé Knowles. Quite a record. But only good enough for a silver medal.

While Jay-Z topped's inaugural Hip-Hop Cash Kings list of the top-earning people in the business last year, in 2008 he cedes the throne to Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, who raked in $150 million over the past 12 months--almost twice what Jay-Z made.

The new king of hip-hop wealth banked $100 million after taxes on one deal alone when his stake in VitaminWater's parent, Glacéau, was bought by Coca-Cola as part of a $4.1 billion deal. 50's portfolio also includes the popular G-Unit clothing line and record label, plus films, videogames and a slew of platinum albums, including last year's Curtis. Also in the works: a mining partnership with South African billionaire Partrice Motsepe.

50 Cent isn't the only star in the growing firmament of "hip-hopreneurs." After years of violent rivalry marked by the murders of such icons as Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G., rap's focus has shifted from beef to cake--making money, that is. Unlike most pop and rock musicians, who make the bulk of their earnings from record sales and tours, rappers have more diversified portfolios.

These impresarios have mastered the arts of branding and cross-promotion, with licensing deals for everything from booze to books. Others own record labels, clothing lines, bars and restaurants. As 50 Cent says of lesser entrepreneurs, "They're trying to buy some Gucci / I'm trying to buy the mall."

For the second year in a row, Sean "Diddy" Combs finished third on our list. The ageless Dapper Don of rap banked a cool $35 million from his revenue streams, including his clothing line Sean John, record label Bad Boy, premium vodka Ciroc and two reality-TV shows. Last year Diddy collaborated with fellow list-toppers Jay-Z and 50 Cent to release "I Get Money (The Forbes 1, 2, 3 Remix)" in honor of their success.

Kanye West clocks in at No. 4 with $30 million. The pink-polo-sporting rapper and producer released his third solo album, Graduation, last September. After handily outselling 50 Cent's Curtis in a head-to-head opening-week matchup, West's album went multiplatinum and won four Grammys. West has penned hits for Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and Diddy, among others. Earlier this month, he headlined the music festival Lollapalooza in his native Chicago.

Some hip-hop legends don't need to do anything to keep earning outrageous sums of money. Andre "Dr. Dre" Young banked $15 million even though he hasn't had a hit in years--he still gets rich on royalties from two decades of hits. A founder of the seminal rap group N.W.A he released his multiplatinum solo opus The Chronic in 1992 and has produced hits for the likes of Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Eminem and Tupac Shakur.

Tupac himself pulled in a handsome sum this year--about $15 million--even though he's been dead for over 10 years. Tupac is probably having himself a last laugh from beyond the grave, knowing that his onetime friend Suge Knight isn't cashing in on the bonanza. Knight, the bodyguard-turned-president of Death Row Records, long rumored to have arranged Shakur's killing, filed for bankruptcy and put his Malibu, Calif., mansion up for sale last June.

1. 50 Cent - $150 million
2. Jay-Z - $82 million
3. P Diddy - $35 million
4. Kanye West - $30 million
5. Timbaland - $22 million
6. Pharrell Williams - $20 million
7. Swizz Beatz - $17 million
8. Snoop Dogg - $16 million
9. Dr. Dre - $15 million
10. Ludacris - $14 million
11. T.I. - $13 million
12. Lil Wayne - $13 million
13. Eminem - $12 million
14. Common - $12 million
15. Akon - $12 million
16. Jermaine Dupri - $11 million
17. Lil Jon - $11 million
18. OutKast - $10 million
19. Chamillionaire - $10 million
20. The Game - $10 million

Maino Album Drop's Sept 23rd Please Buy it (Im on it!)

You might not know this guy but I'm sure you've heard his hit song " HI HATER HI HATER YOU SEE ME, HI HATER !!" yea him...that guy ... his name is Maino, a rapper from Brooklyn and good friends with Lil Kim. Maino is signed to Atlantic Records and is dropping his debut album " If Tomorrow Comes... "on Sept 23rd ...I was blessed and lucky enough to have made it on the album  The song is entitled "Runaway Slave" that i co-produced with my homie Versatile. Now Maino's A&R at  Atlantic, Brain Berger, says it's his favorite song on the whole album which is big because that guy is hard to impress, believe me. Right now the HI HATER REMIX is out and heatin up the clubs and streets...i really hope the album does well. I heard most of it in a session a few week ago and i was really impress because before my record, i never heard anything from Maino. The album is about him getting out of jail and deciding that he wants to rap and so he shows the up's and down of the game from a rapper stand point. J.R Roden ( Super Producer, Google him)  has this CRAZY track on there...ONE WORD "BELLY" !!!! On a scale of 1-10 on the records that i've heard i give the album a 8.9 but again i only heard a maybe 5 -6 records . And even though the state of hip hop sells sucks ass right now...Atlantic does a pretty good job on breaking new artist...shoot look at Piles..who would've guess that we'd still be hearing him?!? that's another story....Please Go out Support Maino's Album " If Tomorrow Comes " when it drops Sept 23rd..Thanks HATER...BYE HATER!!!lol 

Monday, August 18, 2008


(Ok Check it out Long Story Short)
100.3 the Beat and POWERADE® are running this contest to see who can make the hottest beat Intro Theme Music for Ryan Howard of the Phillies' when he goes up to bat!... I made the Semifinals and now I need your votes....So please take 5 seconds and click on this link to vote for me.
And feel free to send it out to anyone that would care enough to vote for me. Just Click My Name and Drag it in the 1# Spot !!!

Grand Prize package will include the following:
A ten (10) to twenty (20) second clip of the winning submission will be used as
Ryan Howard's intro music at certain at bats during the remaining Philadelphia
Phillies' home games in the current regular season. Plus a few other things....


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hello World News R.I.P Isaac Hayes ( YOU WILL BE MISSED)

Isaac Hayes reported dead at 65

Oscar-winning soul singer Isaac Hayes who, along with Al Green, James Brown and Stevie Wonder, was one of the dominant black artists in the early 1970s, died in Memphis on Sunday, his friend and former manager, Onzie Horne, said. 

Horne told Reuters that he had spoken to Hayes' wife, who confirmed that Hayes was found unconscious at his home, and rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.
Hayes, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, would have turned 66 on August 20.
The deep-voiced performer reached his commercial peak in 1972 when he won an Academy Award for his No. 1 hit "Theme from 'Shaft,'" an irresistibly urgent mix of wah-wah guitars and hi-hat cymbals spiced by the famous line, "They say this cat Shaft is a bad mother-/Shut your mouth!"Long before he became a soul singer, Hayes was a hitmaker at Memphis soul label Stax Records. He collaborated with lyricist David Porter to write and produce songs for the combustible soul duo Sam and Dave, including "Soul Man" and "Hold On! I'm A Comin'."

With his shaved head, dark shades, extravagant clothing and plentiful jewelry, Hayes was groomed as a star in his own right by Stax executives. He released his debut album, the poor-selling "Presenting Isaac Hayes," in 1968. He broke through the following year with "Hot Buttered Soul," which contained just four songs but sold over a million copies.
His work on director Gordon Parks' urban crime drama "Shaft," a project he had hoped to star in, was the first of many forays into movie soundtracks. He got in front of the camera for the 1974 cult classic "Truck Turner" and had kept busy with film work ever since, recently appearing in the hip-hop drama "Hustle & Flow."

In his later years, Hayes reached a new audience by supplying the voice for Chef, the libidinous sage on the cartoon series "South Park." But he left the show a few years ago because he disagreed with its attacks on Scientology, the religious movement to which he belonged

Saturday, August 9, 2008


N>E>R>D " EVERYONE NOSE REMIX" K.West, Lupe, Pusha T, And 4Reel! Very Hot Video
Kanye 1st line is too funny!!.........................Would you like some?!?!?

Kanye Let's The Whole World know that BLUEPRINT 3 is Coming!!!!

Yesterday it was Kanye's turn to ask for Hov' assist while ending his Glow in the Dark show at Madison Square Garden in NY.
'Do you mind if I play one of the beats that I did when I was in Hawaii?' Kanye asked. A beat started playing with a 'I see you Jocking Jay-Z' sample, that's when Jay-Z walked out yelling 'Blueprint 3!'.

Check out the video below

Ipod Playlist Check "Hottest New Artist I'm Listening too....Drake"

Ok so, i'm @ MTV one day and my man Esso puts me on to this new kid Drake.....aka Aubrey Graham this dude is from Toronto and is an Actor, Rapper, Singer, and i just found out today that this dude is stepping in my field on the Producer side..(who do this guy think he is?!?!)  Esso told me that he just dropped his 1st mixtape untitled "Comeback Season" on the train ride back to Willingboro i through my ipod on and zoned out and yo this dude is Really Dope.. and i'm Really hard on new artist, you gotta really be dope to make it on my ipod and stay...then on top of that i BLOG about you!!...Ok so im not gonna keep Joe'n this dude up...just check it out for yourself i posted to lil video clips that i got from youtube of him rapping and singing....
P.S Esso also told me that he's the new guy writing for Lil Wayne ...And Yes it's Jimmy of Degrassi.

Listen to Him Rap.....

Listen to him Sing... 

Hello World News R.I.P Bernie Mac

Comedian Bernie Mac died at Northwestern Memorial hospital early Saturday morning, according to Sun-Times Columnist, Stella Foster. He was 50. Though the cause of death has not been confirmed, Mac had been hospitalized recently for pneumonia. Foster said that she received calls early Saturday morning from a close friend of the Mac family, confirming the reports of Mac’s death.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hip Hop Album Sales:

It's a slow time in Hip Hop with minimal movement on the charts week. Lil Wayne remains in the #5 spot with a total of 2,075,960 units sold. Congrats to Wayne for achieving double platinum status in only 8 weeks! Tha Carter 3 was beat out by Sugarland, Miley Cyrus, the Mama Mia soundtrack, and Kid Rock, respectively. Nas' Untitled album drops two spots to #10 with 41,000 copies sold this week. Rihanna's still riding the waves of success with her re-release of Good Girl Gone Bad landing the #12 spot with sales now totaling over 1.5 million. Usher's Here I Stand grabs the #24 spot with 18,200 copies sold this week. Rounding out the top 5 for Hip Hop and R&B is Plies at #29. Definition of Real sold 15,600 copies this week.
Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Lil Wayne Tha Carter 3 this week 78,742 total 2,075,960

Nas Nigger this week 41,023 total 291,380

Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad this week 34,290 total 1,550,572

UsherHere I Stand this week 18,293 total 948,524

Plies Definition of Real this week 15,609 total 433,592

David Banner's Greatest Story Ever Told, which was met by mixed reviews from critics, also remains lukewarm on the charts. The Mississippi rapper sold 15,200 copies this week, for a total of 88,300. Three 6 Mafia's Last 2 Walk holds steady at #33 with 13,700 units sold this week. Driven by having the lead single on the highly anticipated Pinapple Express movie soundtrack( "Paper Planes"), M.I.A climbed her way from #151 to #62 with Kala selling 8,582 this week. Meanwhile Rick Ross comes in at #80 with Trilla selling 7,200 copies. Tech N9ne's Killer grabs the #144 spot with 4,600 sold.

David Banner Greatest Story Ever Told this week 15,269 total 88,383

Three 6 Mafia Last 2 Walk this week 13,781 total 184,534

M.I.A Kala this week 8,582 total 250,555

Rick Ross Trilla this week 7,244 total 645,059

Will August heat up on the charts with new albums on the horizon from heavy-hitters like The Game and Ice Cube?
Author: Aliya Ewing

I doubt it

Rosie.. I give you a "A+" ... for your D's

Rosie Perez is Mad At Mr. Kanye West

Puerto Rican actress Rosie Perez is upset over the use of her person in Kanye West's song "Good Morning".

Perez is concerned over a certain line in which she believes that West is referring to her breasts, "You got D's motherf**ker, D's, Rosie Perez."

"I'm a woman of a certain age and if you're gonna mention me in a song, have a little respect," Perez explained. "He mentions my breasts. When you walk down the street and you have 15-year-old boys.. and they're like, 'Yo, Rosie, D's D's, Rosie Perez,' it's no good."

Perez is best known for her roles in Do The Right Thing and White Men Can't Jump and the actress recently appeared in the comedy Pineapple Express.

Kanye West has yet to respond to the situation

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Hello World Family

Idea Record for 50 Cent -"Cry Baby" Produced by Dilemma

Aight so...right at this moment I've been working on tracks that sound "50 cent -ish "in hopes of landing a placement on his next album. So one day I was in the studio with Rain and we were talking about the whole thing that happened between 50 and Young Buck and how crazy that whole thing was....when i decide to name the track i was working on..."Cry Baby".....Not coming at Young Buck but coming at every and any one that complains about 50 cent...and just being a big "Cry Baby"about it..Now of course..your 1st thought would be, Young Buck, which would make you want to listen to the record to see what 50 might say but i think it'll be a bigger record if he talked about everybody "Crying in the Game now"..including Young Buck wasn't right) know how 50 do.....Anyway i thought the idea was real dope and so did rain.....So after the track was done i laid down a "rough idea" of the hook and what it MIGHT sound like if 50 were to rap to the track.... about a hour later i went over to see my friend DJ Supa and ask for some feed back....he heard the 1st 10 seconds of the track and stopped the record then he,...well ....just Watch the Video...Crazy!..One of the Best DJ's in New Jersey!!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for me....

Fabolous Ft Ne-Yo " Make me better" Prod by Versatile&Dilemma

Aight so most of you know the whole story behind this track so im not gonna go into it...But this is just a "What if " it did get pick.. Let's see what the video would look like...

Let me know what you think?

Fabolous Ft Ne-Yo " Make Me Better" Prod by Versatile&Dilemma