Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DJ: Hard Rock Cafe' Phila 11.17.14 - Bar Rocker

BRANDS: Get to know LENOVO

Happy to announce that I'm now apart of the Lenovo insiders team. Time to put Philly on to the great products and amazing things going on over at Lenovo! #helloworld #lenovoIN #forthosewhodo #yoga #think #create #brands #impact #inspire #producer 

FASHION: My Custom Reeboks by DON SCOTT ART

Impact & Inspire: GRAMMYpro & a guy named JOE, haha

#Repost from @grammypro --- The legendary Joe Tarsia and @officialdilemma at Milkboy Studios in Philly, filming an interview for the site. Stay tuned for when they're up! #GRAMMYPHI -- #helloworld #jackson5 #engineer #philly #sigmasound #producer #learn #impact #believe #inspire #GRAMMYfamily #wellhimnotmeyet

Impact & Inspire: Temple University

Just finished speaking on a great panel at Temple @shho_tu thanks to @thehouseofcomma for the invite.
Topic - HipHop Culture, Marketing, Social Networks 

Monday, October 20, 2014

#PINKTOBER OCT 31st Hard Rock Cafe' music by Dilemma

#PINKTOBER OCT 31st�� 9pm at the Hard Rock Cafe' Philadelphia @hardrockphilly come out to enjoy great fashion, great times, and for a great cause. I'll be controlling the sounds �� throughout the night. I really enjoy dj'in at the Hard Rock Cafe in philly because of the great energy and people. I'm pretty sure this after-party will be classic. Don't forget to wear your costume, see you there! #helloworld #pinktober #hardrockcafe

How Do You Get Nominated for a Grammy? Behind the ‘Mysterious’ Voting Process


The Grammy vote begins with its 21,000-strong membership (industry personnel, singers, musicians, producers, engineers, conductors, songwriters, arrangers, art directors, music video artists and technicians) of whom only 12,000 are eligible to cast ballots because they meet the criteria of six total credits on a physical music release or 12 on digital. The voting process then takes three steps:
1. More than 20,000 artistic entries are submitted for consideration, and members vote one round, making up to five selections in each category.
2. A "star chamber" of experts -- about 150 from the various fields -- reviews round one's selections and casts secret ballots to determine the final nominations, honing the choices in each category from 15 to five.
3. Grammy voters review the final list, the nominations (now five in each category), and place one vote in up to 20 categories (according to their fields of expertise), then mail in their votes on a paper ballot. Accounting firm Deloitte tallies the votes and places winners' names in sealed envelopes.
The Recording Academy's Bill Freimuth dispels Grammy myths and divulges big changes ahead.
What are some misconceptions about voting?
Who's voting is a big misconception. A lot of people think that it's a public vote or based on charts. The Grammy is a peer award. I also hear a lot of knee-jerk reactions about the nominations review committee: "It's a bunch of label executives sitting around a room and divvying up all the nominations among the major labels." It's the opposite of that. This is an opportunity for experts to level the playing field. For example, in 2011, Esperanza Spalding got nominated for, and then won, best new artist. Because she's a jazz artist, she didn't have as high a profile as some of the others that year, but the committee recognized that her talent is enormous, potentially influential and deserving.
When will the voting process go completely digital?
It's something we very much want to do, mainly because we want to be able to catch up with all the artists who are on tour so that they can meet the voting deadline. The holdup is due to technology, and in particular, security. Within two years we might be there.
What major changes have been made to the 2014 awards?
This year we are allowing songs that have samples to compete in songwriting categories. We used to only allow that in best rap song, and now it's for all of our songwriting categories, including song of the year. What we learned over time is that the use of sampling is so prevalent, especially in the urban music community, that we were eliminating a lot of urban music from competing for song of the year, and we didn't want that. One of the classical people on our committee said, "You know, if Bach wasn't sampling Vivaldi, then he probably wouldn't have written much of anything." It's been going on for a long time.

Concrete Jungle - 57th GRAMMY

A song I worked on with my dude @ChillMoody have been entered into the 57th GRAMMY Awards process. (#ConcreteJungle produced by by myself and @JoeLogic215 ) •For my voting members of The Recording Academy please check it out, we would appreciate your consideration. Thank you! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rapzilla Video Premieres Bizzle - Love We Share ft. Lavoisier & Datin prod by Dilemma

Probably the biggest website for Gospel HipHop Rapzilla Premieres Bizzle video today 
 Love We Share ft. Lavoisier & Datin prod by Dilemma - video shot by GDLK Films 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Jazmine Sullivan "Stupid Girls" covers by fans - get excited

The exciting thing about this is that, the song isn't even out yet. she's just been performing it at her shows. So to see how the song is still getting around is pretty dope.
video 1

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Music/New Artist- Beano "Let It Go" produced by Dilemma now available on iTunes. please support.

Beano, has to be one of my favorite artist to work with in the city. He has a great voice and energy plus he can perform his butt off! I'm very happy that I got the chance to work with him on this record. With this record I really wanted to capture Beano's personally and energy. We kept it fun, but honest, hopefully you'll enjoy it. I've been playing it whenever I'm out DJ'in, and I always get asked Ayo, whens that Beano jawn droppin? Well, here it is, now available on iTunes, please support indie artist. I'd also like to say thanks to JoeLogic, Frenchie, Ashley Coleman, Chill Moody, Breezy #AGC and Nick for making this record happen. #helloworld