Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Video of the Day-Tone Trump (Feat. Freeway & Dilemma) - Time To Go

"The 1st single off "Worldstar Tony" hosted by Dj Kay Slay, "Time to GO". Tone Trump featuring Freeway & Dilemma. Produced by Dilemma. Directed by Philly Fox Media Group. "Worldsar Tony" KOMING SOON!"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Artist Spotlight-JERRY ROBINSON- Live from Long Island

Be on the look out for this very talented dude "JERRY ROBINSON",  in the studio working with along with some other GREAT producers right now, Check out the snippet of our new record "Can't Find a Way" - 1:07 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Video of the Day- Ab Liva & iCan "Cross Me" feat. Gilbere Forte' produced by Dilemma

"Cross Me" is the 1st Official Network released single off the ¥€$ Vol.1 FreEP. Catch it in rotation on the last place on TV that actually plays music videos, MTVJams. You can download the FreEP on Nov. 15th. This Record features Gilbere Forte' and is produced by Dilemma with additional production by Suburban Hustlers.

Mr. Hello World Free Beat a Month Contest Presents: "The Winner's Circle" Interview - D. Jones- July's Winner

(His Questions)

1.) Introduce yourself, Where  are you from, and where would we might recognizes you from?

2): What are some artist that inspired you?

3.) How would you explain your sound?

4). How did you hear about Dilemma's "Free Beat A Month" Contest? & What's the feed back from the song so far?

5.) What’s your take on the music industry right now?

6). What's next from you?. And where can people find your music?

Last Question: Name a classic album that in your opinion had the most impact on you? and why?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Video of the Day- Ab Liva &iCan - So Appalled [Revisited]

This is a PSA brought to you by Tone Trump's Twitter.....Haha

"My "Wifey" video playing in Villa sneaker & klothing stores in Philly,A.C,Pittsburgh & Ohio! #letswin! "

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"And the Winner Is........" Free Beat A Month Contest Winner for September

"And the Winner Is........" Free Beat A Month Contest Winner for September
 Jimmy Starnz- New Jersey
Runner Up- Daniel Williams - Philly

Monday, October 4, 2010

Check out my "Behind the Beats" Interview with A-Game Magazine & Launch Party Tonight @ Adesso Lounge!

Check out my "Behind the Beats" Interview with A-Game Magazine , & Launch Party Tonight @ Adesso Lounge!

A-GAME: How did you become a producer?
Dilemma: Until about 2005-2006, I only considered myself a beat maker. Once I began actually working with artists in the studio and creating and writing, I became more invested in the overall production process.
A-GAME: What was the first piece of equipment you purchased?
Dilemma: The MPC 2000 XL.
A-GAME: What’s your all time favorite piece of equipment to work with?
Dilemma: The MPC 2000 XL because it was my first piece of equipment and the instrument used to obtain my first major album placement; and secondly the Roland V-SYNTH XT because it’s new, fun, provides new ideas, and generates the sound that I am looking to develop.
A-GAME: How do you get the best out of an artist?
Dilemma: I get the best out of an artist by establishing trust and understanding. I listen to them, highlight their strengths and camouflage their weaknesses. I try to make them as comfortable as possible and always remind them to have fun. I have found that songs I had the most fun recording were the most successful records. It’s important to make the artist forget stress, go in the booth and let it go, kind of like therapy. It also gives you leverage to push the artist a little bit.
A-GAME: Do you like to collaborate with other producers?
Dilemma: Yes, I collaborate with other producers all the time. It can be difficult to work with some, but it’s easier to work with producers who do it for the love of music. My favorite to work with is Versatile. We have an amazing chemistry. We’re from two totally different places, but when we’re in the studio it’s like we’re from the same world aiming to go to the same place.
A-GAME: What producer or producers inspired you?
Dilemma: Quincy Jones, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Just Blaze, and Kanye West.
A-GAME: Do you have a certain style or sound that separates you from other producers?
Dilemma: That is for the listener to decide. I don’t think that I have a specific sound and I can’t really explain my sound. I make my music on more of a feeling and not so much a sound. I place the Hello World stamp at the beginning of my songs in order to distinguish myself from other producers.
A-GAME: Are you working with any big name or upcoming artist?
Dilemma: Yes, a few new artists; Meek Millz, and an international star, Teeah as well as my artists Melissa Jay, Eric Giovanni and Anastasia. And you might hear an EP from me soon. I’m testing the water! Also, I’ve been working on my sophomore producer album/dvd “Everybody STILL wants a beat from Dilemma” which will be released this Fall/Winter. I’m very excited about that!
(

C'mon Man Award goes too.....

Take a GOOD look at this pic & tell me what's wrong?...smh

Friday, October 1, 2010

Mr. Hello World- "Free Beat a Month Contest" Continues October's Beat- Best Song Wins

Mr. Hello World- "Free Beat a Month Contest" Continues October's Beat- Best Song Wins, Email all songs to- Good Luck
Download link :


Old School Video of the Day-New Edition - Can You Stand The Rain

still one of my favorite records!