Thursday, April 29, 2010

Say Hello World to "Mikael Serrano"....

He's such a Awesome God, Congrats to my brother & sister Esteban & Kat Serrano on their new baby boy & my God son "Mikael!" ... I'm proud of you guys see yall soon...I'm filled with so much joy right now it's crazy.... HELLO WORLD!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Dream Big Artist Showcase_Winner Gets Signed

I will be one of the judges @ this event April 18th 2010

Are you an urban artist in the Philadelphia area who is
serious about advancing in your career? Calling all Hip Hop, R&B and Pop Genre. Grammy award winning/ Multi Platinum Producer, Songwriter, Composer Mario Winans will be traveling to NYC, Philly, Boston and Chicago over the next 2 months. His goal is to find 1 talented artist in each city, fly them to Miami for the finals later in the year, in hopes of signing one artist to Mario's new label imprint with Atlantic Records. The artist's album will be executive produced by Mario Winans, and will include other contributions from Platinum Producers 'The Flip Tones' and Platinum Writers 'The Monstarz'. If you are selected from the city you auditioned for, you will not have to incur any additional travel fees going forward. Each city will have various industry execs and tastemakers judging to select the artist they feel will be best suited to move onto the finals and perform live in Miami for Mario and his executive staff in hopes of signing a major recording contract. If you are serious then you need to get on this. If you know anyone who could benefit from an opportunity then feel free to pass this along!

Video Of the Day_Tragic Hero Live Show

Concert Footage from Tragic Hero on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Throwback Video...." Da Boro Song" & "Live in the Cage"

The 1st video done to any of my productions......

I sit down with

What makes you a successful hit producer?
-I Stay Positive, I Stay Persistent, I Stay Patient, I Always Pray, I'm not afraid to be creative, or afraid to reinvent myself because music is always changing. I'm not afraid to ask for help from others to get the job done.

Tell us about your work ethic, your schedule or daily routines involving music...
-Ok let me see, I'd like to think that i work hard. I might be touching up a few things on a beat or writing a hook to another, or writhing a song to another, studying, listen to mixes, doing whatever it takes to improve my sound. My daily routines changes all the time. When I 1st started making beats, i thought you just make a hot beat , find the artist or manager's email, send it to them, they hear it , they like it, they pay you, and they record it, The End.. Sometimes it might work like that but not all the time. Once I got a little more into the whole "shopping records" side and started to see how placements happen, i changed the way i made records to be more effective. Then after awhile i start to see that some, not all but some A&R's don't have a clue, so now I make music that i like to hear "1st" and from time to time make records that they want to hear.

What influences your music production?
-Any & everything that hits my ears, I listen to it all. Imma hugh Jazz head though. As far as producer influences, i would say, Just, Dilla, J.R, Tim, as well as some new up&coming producers that don't have the big name credits...yet