Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello World T.V hits Barcelona....

Our 2009 trip to Barcelona, Spain..Enjoy

Next up...Paris!..stay tuned

Sigma Sounds Family small party for Bday Girl Pam!

Sigma Sounds Family, D, ABlack, Dilemma, Chris, E, so on and so on...enjoy

Monday, July 27, 2009

A few reasons why Barcelona, Spain Shit´s on the States # 6 Graffiti Artwork

ok maybe this doesnt shit on the U.S but its every where out here...Every Where!!
Big Up to All My Haters!!

A few reasons why Barcelona, Spain Shit´s on the States # 5 Beaches

I´ve been to plenty of beaches in the states.. east and west..but never seen beaches that look soo clean, clear water and just plain bangin son.. We´ve been here for 6 days so far and been to 4 different beaches already..and plenty more to go to... here are a few pics so far

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

A few reasons why Barcelona, Spain Shit´s on the States # 2 Architecture looks crazy dope

The Arc de Triomf

Outside our window..( this is what down town Philly & NYC is trying to look like....try again)

Temple- made by Goudi

14th century cathedral .....

Train Station

Check out the doors....

A few reasons why Barcelona, Spain Shit´s on the States #1 Topless Beaches!!

I´m on Vacation Son!..

Sorry blog world i´ve been busy getting ready for my trip to spain and paris but stay tuned i´m back in full effect baby.....

Friday, July 3, 2009

Video of the Day-Tone Trump "How I'm Livin" Ft. Mel

Dir By: Esteban A. Serrano

Download Tone Trump Mixtape "Miracle On Market Street" July 4 
Exclusivly @

The Album "Trump Life" Aug 18th

Thursday, July 2, 2009

S.S.S In The Studio with Music Producer, Omen (A Musical Genius)

Studio Red, Harlem NYC with Music Producer Omen:

Once again thanks to my homie Es for setting this up, its always good to play your music for another Producer that 1 has a open mind/ear  & 2 that inspires you. Meet Omen, this kid is a beast! He produced one of my Favorite Fabolous Records "One Day". I got up with him the other day at his studio in NYC and i just had a few beats on me so i decided to get some feed back on this one track I've been trying to get over to 50 Cent. I think the record is hard, street, and something that I would  like to hear 50 on , not that stuff he's putting out now (sorry Fif). I respect Omen's Ear so i wanted to hear what he had to say about the beat..
I normally don't post tracks up that aren't sold already because nowadays PEOPLE like stealing ideas and doing corny shit like that! but fuck wouldn't be the 1st.... enjoy

Google My Favorite Records Produced by Omen:
One Day by Fab
God of War by Luda
Overdose on life by Drake, Mickey Facts, and Travis McCoy

New Music- Phitted-"Step Out Remix" Ft Posta Boy, Sole Barbie, & Naturel-Prod. by Dilemma


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

S.S.S Behind The Scenes @ Tone Trump Video for "How I'm Living"

Part 1 Early in the morning 9:30a.m call time

Part 2- 1:00pm- After The New Jack City Scene. talking with Actress/Model Malayasia Carter
Part3- 2:00- "Wow.....Guess who finally decides to come to the studio"

Stay Tune for the Video Coming Soon!!

New Music- Tone Trump "How I'm Livin" ft Mel Produced by Dilemma