Thursday, June 4, 2009

S.S.S Right Place Right Time -In the Studio with Twista Part1

I think it was jayz who said.." There's no such thing is luck, A man makes he's own luck by being ready at all times"..ok maybe it wasn't jayz but i heard it from someone. Anyway, I was in the studio with 2 of my good friends, Yaya, and his brother Dj Supa, chillin listening to music and catching up when Supa tells me that Chi-Town Legend Twista is in town (philly). I said "dope" He asked "do you want me to text his manager?"..i said "sure why not"10 mins later his manager Rawle hist him back and says "Twista needs to do something in the studio real quick before they leave philly"...I said "Perfect ... come to Sigma"... to be continued.....
I'll post the video of the session later on or maybe tomorrow..but here's the pic from last night for now 

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  1. That's whats up. Glad to see that your drive, skill and talent is paying off. And you're definitely right, it's not luck but a result of you being ready when the opportunity comes up.