Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Top 10 Moments of 2008

#10- Working with Freeway on "Love 2 Ball" and "Together" more music coming soon...

# 9 Making it on EyeWitness News with 3.k.z for our Youtube Obama Video....that was fun!

# 8 - Coaching Little League Baseball with my Homie Drew!..we went 1-16..but that 1 win was a great game! 

#7- Myrtel Beach - Good Times!

#6 - Yaya's Album " This Is For You"..great piece a Music History

# 5-  When Lashe' to met Hanna Montana & Anika met Common

# 4 My Man Greg's Wedding.. .we got f'ed up!

#3 Winning the Ryan Howard Beat Contest then him coming out to my music during the World Series...Dope!

# 2 My Birthday Trip to P.R with Anika.....

#1-  Of Course ..Obama....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dilemma's 25 X-Mas Wish List...Item # 9 "Santa High SB's""

These are Dope...

JAY-Z & MARY J being sued by Jermaine Jumpp aka NASH

Two New Jersey men have sued Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige and super producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins for allegedly stealing their music.

According to TMZ, Jermaine Jumpp and Michael C. Adams believe that Jerkins’ beat for Blige’s single “Enough Cryin’” off her 2005 album The Breakthrough, sounds too similar to their song “On My Grind.” The duo claim they submitted a CD with a copy of their song to Jerkins’ office years ago.

As of press time it is unclear what Jay-Z’s role is in the lawsuit. Most recently he teamed with Blige for the hugely successful “Heart Of The City Tour,” which ended in April.- 
Elan Mancini

XXL-Album Review " Padded Room"


[Editor's Note: This version of Padded Room was reviewed before it was announced the LP had been pushed back to 2009.]


Joe Budden’s 2003 self-titled Def Jam debut balanced high-powered hits (“Pump It Up”) with melancholy narratives (“10 Mins.”), but it wasn’t until after the label shelved his follow-up effort, The Growth, that the New Jersey native really hit his stride. With the success of his critically acclaimed Mood Muzik mixtape series, Joey opted to go indie and set the stage for his proper sophomore release, Padded Room.

Playing to his strengths, Joe laments his frustrations over The Klasixs’s whimsical wind-chime-like sounds on “If I Gotta Go.” Budden spits, “The problem is, I’m smarter than everybody, but I’m too proud to show it/They too dumb to know it.” He echoes that same sentiment on “Just to Be Different,” a dark and dramatic track where Budden bucks the status quo. He goes on to confront his personal demons on “In My Sleep,” detailing his nightmares, which range from having an unfaithful lover to being stuck in arrested development: “Bought a first-class ticket to nowhere/Everyone goes there, but no one stays a year/Me? I got 365 shows there.” Joe’s excellence of execution carries over to both the eerie “Angel in My Life” and the apocalyptic “Pray for Me.” The former is a dramatic trip into an insane asylum, while the latter finds Budden stuck at heaven’s gates, calling God’s bluff (“You make mistakes like me, as far as I can see/I think it’s a mockery when rich niggas win the lottery”).

Lyrically, Joe crafts a masterpiece, opening the door to the mind of a disturbed yet misunderstood soul. Sadly, the album’s beat selections, at times, don’t match. There are no throwaways to speak of, but tracks like the ’80s-rock-inspired “Don’t Make Me” and the retro pop “My Life” just aren’t as innovative as the lyrics atop them. Whatever the case, Padded Room proves that, when it comes to heartfelt hip-hop, it’s good to be crazy. —DAMIEN SCOTT

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dilemma's 25 X-Mas Wish List...Item # 8 "A Hood Super Bowl Win"


It's really funny to me that Eagles Fans don't care if they lose every game as long as they beat the Cowboys 2 times every year their happy, that's their "Hood Super-Bowl" !!...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Renee!!

Happy Birthday to my Big Sister...

 me and my big sister

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dilemma's 25 X-Mas Wish List...Item # 7 "Can you see what I see"

Providing employees with 30-in. computer monitors can boost worker productivity at companies where 17- or 19-in. monitors are typically used, according to a French consultant hired for a study sponsored by Apple Computer Inc.

The study, which evaluated Apple’s 30-in. Apple Cinema Display, concluded that large screens can offer gains of up to 50% to 65% in productivity on a variety of specific office tasks and can earn back their extra costs in time savings over several years. The 30-in. display costs $1,999.

Dilemma's 25 X-Mas Wish List...Item # 6 "Mark VI Saxophone"

Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone

This Horn Shits on Every horn that was every made Period! The Sound is warm, vintage and just soulful baby!..CannonBall Had one and his sound was just plan Stupid ( in a good way)...I remember in college using the school's Mark 6..i need to get one since i've out grown my horn like 4-5 years ago!  

1 Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone
Price: $6,000 ..
( now you see why i don't have one.....yet

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Joe Budden's Second Official Album Padded Room February 24th..

I saw this on 

Joe Budden is gearing up for his second official album Padded Room on February 24th.. Above is the cover which has been out and after the jump is the official track listing..

01. Now I Lay (Produced by Blastah Beatz)
02. The Future (feat. The Game) (Produced by Fyu-chur)
03. If I Gotta Go (Produced by the Klasixs)
04. Don’t Make Me (Produced by Blastah Beatz)
05. Blood On The Wall (Produced by Moss)
06. In My Sleep (Produced by Blastah Beatz)
07. Exxxes (Produced by the Klasixs)
08. I Couldn’t Help It (Produced by the Klasixs)
09. Adrenaline (Produced by Dub B)
10. Happy Holidays (Produced by Quan)
11. Do Tell (Produced by Blastah Beatz)
12. Angel In My Life (Produced by Blastah Beatz)
13. Pray For Me (Produced by Versatile & Dilemma)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas as I remember it!! Some of the toys from my childhood

My Parents played a trick on me that christmas, after we all opened our gifts...they had me search the whole house until i found this...

I got this for my birthday 2 months after christmas...

Up all night Playing this game!

Finally when I got this, i ended up stopping with the whole video game stuff, Nintendo took enough of my parents money!!.plus i started to get into Music, Sports and Girls...:o)  

but this was one of the their best Games Ever!!

New Sneaker Store Grand Opening Party Rt.130 Pennsauken

Come check it out 
Phitted will be performing " ill when i step out"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dope Comment someone wrote on HipHopGame about Freeway's "Together"

Bigjimslade wrote on 12/13 year 2008

Wow this cat always picks the HOTTEST beats know how some mcs just cant pick beats like uuum NAS ! This cat always has FIRE beats if its noname or well known producers FREEWAY is a hell of a beat picker thank you FREEWAY and you stay spittin on em too YEEEEEEEAAAAAA oh and JEEZY NEEDS TO PAY YOU FOR STEALING YOUR PHRASE YEEEEEEEAAAAAH i wonder why nobody has talked about that ?

Rated 5/5

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Short Clip of the Film" Walls & Doors"

Here's a clip from the short film " Walls & Doors" that i did the score for.....enjoy

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dilemma's 25 X-Mas Wish List...Item # 4 "Nike Shoes"

Nike Blazer SB - Black / Bright Cactus

Public Screening "Walls & Doors" in Phila Tonight

Tonight their will be a Public Screening of  "Walls and Doors: Inspirations from Our Elders" a small film done by the students of Jubilee School, in West Philadelphia. The Students collected oral histories and tales of courage and resistance as told to them by their community elders. This film transmits a legacy from one generation to the next. I was lucky enough to do the score for the film, so if your in the area come out and get educated! 

Tonight : 7:00pm @ The International House 3701 Chestnut Street Philadelphia 
Free Admission

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

Who the F&@K is B.O.B?-Funny Video of the Day


(plus i've done videos like this before)

Meet B.O.B Artist out of ATL... Real Dope Kid, Many view this kid like a Andre 3000-ish Rapper, but i think that's because he doesn't want to be boxed in to a certain style of music he had that hit single.." HATERZ "... and he's also on T.I's last album "On Top of the World" with Luda..

Don't Hate the Playa, Hate the Game :o)

Dilemma's 25 X-Mas Wish List...Item # 3 "MiKo"

My Man "Agent" put me up on this ...It's called the "Miko" by OpenLabs...One Stop Full Production/Recording/Mixing Unit!
I haven't played with it yet but i know it's something that i need to take my sounds to the next some of my favorite records were made with this so...i gotta get it..
Looks small but it's pretty big...

Special Edition Timbaland MiKo LX starts at $4299.00