Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Top 10 Moments of 2008

#10- Working with Freeway on "Love 2 Ball" and "Together" more music coming soon...

# 9 Making it on EyeWitness News with 3.k.z for our Youtube Obama Video....that was fun!

# 8 - Coaching Little League Baseball with my Homie Drew!..we went 1-16..but that 1 win was a great game! 

#7- Myrtel Beach - Good Times!

#6 - Yaya's Album " This Is For You"..great piece a Music History

# 5-  When Lashe' to met Hanna Montana & Anika met Common

# 4 My Man Greg's Wedding.. .we got f'ed up!

#3 Winning the Ryan Howard Beat Contest then him coming out to my music during the World Series...Dope!

# 2 My Birthday Trip to P.R with Anika.....

#1-  Of Course ..Obama....

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  1. We went 1-16 but at least we weren't as bad as the Detroit Lions!!