Sunday, June 22, 2008

Estelle-American Boy Remix Video

I decide to do this remix ...
Let me know what you think and if you want the mp3

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hello World Kids SpotLlight # 2

Lil J-Rok.....the Funniest lil kid i know.... He must get it from his Pop.....(sorry)

Hello World Kids SpotLlight # 1

My lil1 ...... Christmas day ' loves her

"Hey?..Aren't You?" #2

Yup..... a lot of Money is this Pic.!!!
Me, "Pretty Boy" Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Super Producer Versatile......
outside in front PB crib in Las Vegas...Remember this Vido?...Good Times.... 

When living in South Jersey Rules# 1 and 2

Rule # 1 Make sure you have a car!!! or you wont be able to get anywhere period!! With that said Rule # 2 Make sure you have a car with working A/C.... because it gets hotter then the Devil Balls out here Shit!!.. I feel I'm in like Vegas....I can't even leave the crib until 8 or 9pm............ Dam  Global Warming

To help beat the heat...Head down to your nearest Rita's Water Ice Store and Stock up!! 
I've been there everyday this week!!

Hello World "Hip Hop News" Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III?

Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter III" could come close to a millions sales in first week

Lil Wayne's "The Carter III" my be on a pace to match or even exceed Kanye West's torrid first week sales numbers from last year. An executive at Universal spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the album.

"Tha Carter III just came out Tuesday morning, so it’s difficult to tell from less than a day’s worth of sales, but an exec at Lil Wayne’s label estimates the disc will sell between 850,000 and 950,000 by the end of its first week. If their numbers are correct, that would be about double the opening figure for 2008’s current record-holder, Mariah Carey’s E=MC2, which opened with 443,000 copies. “The accounts were bullish by 10 in the morning,” reports Pat Monaco, exec VP of sales for the Universal Motown Republic Group. “The sales the first few hours were exceeding the rate that the Kanye album sold a year ago.” (That one ended up selling 957,000 the first week; nothing has come close since.) “Wayne was one of these records that, because it was so highly anticipated, with the leaks and everything, it caused more people to go out at 8 in the morning to buy the CD.”

I haven't heard the whole album yet but when i do...i'll write up my own review on it...  to be continued....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

ilovethe90's Part 1-The Arsenio Hall Show (a)

Every Sunday Night in my house the tv was on channel "24" (Fox) Because @ we would watch "The Simpsons" then 8.30pm"In Live In Color" , skip  "Married with Children"@ 9pm ~unless you wanted to see was pretty bad back then)~ and @ 10 pm was "The Arsenio Hall Show" which to me was the most craziest show on tv at the time . This dude was funny, real, and raw!!...Plus i think he was best friends with M.C. you gotta love him for that. He took late night talks shows to the next level. I was pissed as hell when that took him off air..This guy would interview some of the most craziest people..but we loved him for that and that's why ilovethe90's part 1 is about The Arsenio Hall Show (a)... Enjoy

Arsenio Hall interviews Vanilla Ice about MC Hammer 
(When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong)


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Hey?.. Aren't you? " (#1)

Every Producer should know about this guy....
Shoot Everybody should know about this guy...26 and older do you Remember that Old School song..."Ownlee You"...or maybe that famous Biggie Smalls line..." Your style is played out like Kwame in dem polka dots" yup this is Super Producer Kwame.... I fucks with this dude cuz he's been in the game for so long and is still able to stay current,..him give me some great advice on producing...
thank you....
A few tracks he produced:
On Fire- Lloyd Banks
Turn off the Lights-Tweet
Switch-Will Smith
Let's Hear It-Freeway Feat-Beanie Seagel
26 and older This one's for you.....!!!

Hello World Hip Hop News @ 8pm with Coach Carter...

Hip-Hop album sales: Trill (kind of)
If hip-hop sales looked like an NBA team, they'd be the San Antonio Spurs - slow and out. Bun B's II Trill leads the way for hip-hop, holding down the No. 4 spot with 40,000 albums sold last week, bringing him to 138,566 for two weeks. Rick Ross' Trilla is the only other hip-hop album in the top 50, as he sold 15,140 copies last week, bringing him to 550,186 total albums sold.

Who's in the Studio Working Now:

Albums to look for: N.E.R.D and Lil Wanye

Thank you for Making History !!!

Now, i will have something to tell my kids........(when i have some) Obama 2008 We Half way there......

Dam I wish I was there! # 2 (Video of the Night)

Yet again, I wish I was there.... Common and Kanye Live..shit they both can perform...Kanye needs hurry up and do an "G.O.O.D Music" Tour...I think it'll do i know my misses will be very "joe" for John Leg..... on 2nd thought nevermind. Since they both did this for DJ Skee Bday maybe once i have that "Hit Record" i can talk Common into performing @ my Wedding since we both like him ....thats would be hot newayz .....Dam i wish i was there...

From the Deep Sea of "Lost and Never Seen" things Item#1

Harlem Rapper  Mr. 106 and Park Posta Boy REAL Album Cover!!! This is the "Real" album cover of the album that sadly no one ever heard!! Boy Live from the E.R .....if you Look closely you can see the lights we added to the cover...yes real "flashing red lights" ....Just picture yourself going to Best Buy to buy yourself the latest Hip Hop Album, you look you notice flashing red lights coming from the ( P ) check it out and its Posta Boy....Great Marketing Idea... hope no one steals it.....even next to a Kanye West Album cover it'll still get your attention...

Hola Como Esta' PIC OF THE DAY From San Juan # 2

Rare Moment for me.... chillin hard in San Juan...but i'm still rocking out to my tracks....

Hello World Travels Presents: Akai Love Story Chp1

"HATER" Pic of the Day

Last Year @ the 40/40 Club in AC for her bday party.... Check the hater in the background..Hi Hater!!! Smile...LOL!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

R.I.P Kelvin A. Russell Gone but Lives On!

Yesterday, i went to the funeral of Kelvin A. Russell, a great father, role model, and loving husband... Uncle Kelvin as many of the kids from Trenton would called him... effected a lot people young and old with his pure love and wisdom of life. Now I can count on my hand how many times i've actually had a sit down with Uncle Kelvin..but i've been working with his wife and his girls for about 3 yrs and i was very sadden when i heard the news....The Oldest one (LeKel) called me while i was in P.R...... I decided to put together a slide show for the family and i have to say....Going threw those pics, seeing the yrs go past and how happy he was really hit me hard....again i can't honest say that i knew him but i spent 4-5 days just looking threw old pics and films of him with the family ...It was like peeking threw a window of someone's life and after i finished the slide show i couldn't even watch it was just too sad.........It was a good funeral and they even put me on the spot and called me up to speak....i was like "what?"...but i pretty much said everything that im writing now..... Uncle Kelvin was a young man with a big heart. the true meaning of a "father" and will forever be missed. I wanted to do this for my girls 3.k.z , baby kel, and mama lee...Kelvin's "Pure Love for one another " will live on threw you guys...believe that...R.I.P Uncle Kelvin.....
p.s thanks babes for holding me down