Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dilemma x The Hundreds in the Studio? ( I never knew)

We learn something new everyday, a while back, maybe in early April, my friend Ski stop by the lab to give me a shirt...the shirt was dope it was a Transformer Producer called "Productacons" and he was built out of a keyboard a MPC and a few record players or something like that and..and with the shirt their were these lil weird stickers..and i never really give it much thought, i really thought they were from a Old Nintendo Game or i just put them on my Studio speakers and went about my day...
Today while on my dude West Coast Haas's blog i noticed that he blog's a lot about this clothing line called " The Hundreds " i then notice that one of the shirts had the same logo as
 one of the i guess i now support "The Hundreds"...Thanks West Coast Haas

P.S W.C Haas...I told you Game 4 and 5  Phillies World Series Baby!!

1 comment:

  1. nope. It was my shirt I created.

    Hakeem Khaaliq.