Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello World's 9Top #RapAuditionsDont's

#RapAuditionsDont's (1) Please no long intros! You're killin yourself when your intro is 30-45sec, you only get 60sec to impress someone!

#RapAuditionsDont (2) Don't forget your lyrics, Didn't u write the song? U must be on ur jay-z in da head flow, so u don't write? Nah son!

#RapAuditionsDont (3)Don't name urself "Killa Boss" but walk n wit ur head down scared as crap,hands n ur pocket,rappin bout"bang this&that"

#RapAuditionsDont (4)Take your hoody off your head, & please don't turn your back to the judges while your rappin, we're your crowd man!

#RapAuditionsDont (5)Don't be a Transformer, u walked in wit a sweet, kind,VERY polite voice, but as soon as the BEAT DROP u busin guns ma?

#RapAuditionsDont (6)Dance moves are kool, but when your doing more moon walkin & pop lockin then rappin, who you tryna fool son? LMAO#

RapAuditionsDont (7)Don't name yourself after a rapper that's a legend in the game and thats still in the game, like no one would notice!!#

RapAuditionsDont (8)Don't miss ur opportunity! I hit every unsigned rapper i knew 2 come&out of EVERYBODY I hit only 1person showed up smh

Ok this is the last one..#RapAuditionsDont (9)Don't answer ur phone right before u perform, when we told u 2 turn it off 2x..Smh C'mon Man!

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