Tuesday, November 10, 2009

S.S.S Producer Rule # 1 Don't ever throw out your old beats!!

Tonight I finished the final mix on my new favorite record....Trump Gees Ft. Gucci Mane "We Gon Cut"... It's GUCCI!! made the beat in 2008 when i was trying to shop records  to Gucci's A&R @ Atlantic.. but i guess he never heard it. A year later, a artist by the name of Trump Gees walks into my room and asked if he could hear some i played him a few ...and he told me that he's real kool with Gucci Mane's people and he's about to go to "A" to meet up with him. He was looking for the right track to get a feature on. So i went into my library and played him "We Gon Cut"..and he loved it and knew that Gucci would too. We cut the record and then Trump flew down to the ATL to meet up with Gucci...He heard it,loved it and laid his vers. The rest is history in the making...the record is Crazy!!..Hello World it's Gucci!! ...& To celebrate Trump came to the studio with a Bottle of Rose' for the kid ... Here's to Real people doing Real things...

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