Thursday, October 30, 2008

Digital Complex

New Music and Download Ringtones from New Group "Digital Complex "

Check them out @ 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Yesterday vs Today Series" ... Round 3 "Fight!"

         Seattle Supersonics


         Oklahoma City Thunder 

Congrats to the  Oklahoma City Thunder ....The 1st WNBA team to play in the takes this round.

Yesterday: 2
Today: 1

Speaking of Joe Budden..Congrats to Cardiak

Congrats to up&coming producer Cardiak for producing 

"THE SOUL" on Joe Budden's new mixtape "HalfWay House"...

Check out the song on Cardi Myspace
( Cardi stay off my samples!!! lololol)..sike nah..good shit homie!

What about Joe the Rapper, Continued.......

Dropping Feb of 2009 on Amalgam Digial

Producer: Versatile & Dilemma

“You make mistakes too, as far as I can see, rich niggas winning the lottery is a mockery”
Synopsis: He reprises the old rapper talking to God shtik, but he kills this shit. He takes it one step further than DMX did with God telling him how fucked up of a person he was during his life and him telling the Lord that he ain’t perfect either.

To Be Continue...

(W.C Haas,  sooo much to tell soo little time...,you think you know....but you have no idea.....
All i can say is, that this  business is crazy...., stay tuned for more details)

"Yesterday vs Today Series" ... Round 2 "Fight!"

Michael Jackson.....



MJ ALL DAY!!...F-Neyo! don't get me wrong Ne-yo can write the Hell out of a song but give me a break dog, dam !...i just listened to Ne-yo's new cd and it really sounded like a Michael
 Jackson Album really,... this round goes to the King of Pop...MJ, so go put a hat on and BEAT!..(sorry ne-yo) 

Yesterday= 1

check this video out..Ne-yo's "Because of you" and MJ's "Roc with you" Music mix together 

Monday, October 27, 2008

R.I.P Kyra

Kyra, Willingboro Class of 2000 

Peace going out to her friends and family...

The Best Hip-Hop Cyper I've seen in a while

Hip-Hop Cyper with
 Ace Hood, Santana, Fabolous, Jada Kiss

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Real Life "Mastercard" Commercial (must see)

I've been waiting for this day since i won the contest in Aug..I knew this day would come!!!!
God is Good

Friday, October 24, 2008

Millie Jackson at her best!!! Warning!! 18+ Only

Millie Jackson is one of the Rawest female Artist that ever touched a Mic.. before there was a Lil Kim, a Foxy Brown, a Jackie O or a Miss Trina, Millie Jackson was the 1st BADDEST B*TCH...and She's also one of the most sampled artist in "HipHop"
This goes out to all my haters High and Low, Near and Far and to those who say that Dallas won't make it to the Playoffs this season, This Song is for you from the bottom of my heart!!!:o)

"Yesterday vs Today Series" ... Round 1 "Fight!"

(Nah this isn't a young bawl picture of me back in the


Imma have to give it to the Apple Boom Box. Don't get me wrong Imma Retro type of dude in all but that Apple Boom Box, shits on the Old School Boom Box...but you wouldn't catch me walking around west philly with it on my shoulders like back in the day....

Yesterday = 0
Today = 1

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BatCave Radio Thursday's 12am-2am 91.7fm

So after my Phillies won Game1 i was driving home...And i was trying to find something on the freaking radio since it's only normal to get sick of the same 10 songs 15 times a day for 3 weeks...Mannn Fuck Dat!!...I normally listen to my Temple Jazz station 90.1 but i wasn't in the mood for Trane or Bird. I then stumbled across this station 91.7fm and they were playing Hip Hop , no real Hip hop... Camp Lo, Big L and Unsigned artist and you know "Come Up" show-ish but fresher i think...I had to take my home boy back to Camden so i decide to see what was good with this station....the show was called "BATCAVE RADIO" it's Drexel's College radio station and the show is pretty dope, i then decide to call up there to network and send some of my joints over to the On-Air hopefully you'll hear a few "Hello World's" in the it out 

Every Thursday to 12am-2am

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ipod Playlist Check " Hottest Mixtape/Album Out"

Here's another Ipod must have...  J Rok's "Popular Demand" Hosted by Dj Supa..This kid really impressed the hell out of me with this one..He sings, raps, produces..I'm sure he'll break dance if you ask him too..shit..if your not entrained by the end of this cd then shit... something must be wrong with you...and it's hosted by one of my favorite Dj's Dj Supa....These Guys Went In!..
Here are my 2 favorite Songs

To Download the Album for free go here

Forget Joe the Plumber , What about Joe the Rapper

Coming Soon....
Wait until I blog about this story!!....To Be Continue.......Damit Joe!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Music Freeway-"Love 2 Ball" Prod. by Dilemma

I found this really dope sample in 2005 and it took me 3yrs to finally finish the track... I 'm glad its finally done and has a home with Philadelphia Rapper Freeway....I like the record it came out pretty good hopefully it makes his album..

Note:If you remember I blogged about this track in Sept check (S.S.S The Making of "Love to Ball")

Dilemma x The Hundreds in the Studio? ( I never knew)

We learn something new everyday, a while back, maybe in early April, my friend Ski stop by the lab to give me a shirt...the shirt was dope it was a Transformer Producer called "Productacons" and he was built out of a keyboard a MPC and a few record players or something like that and..and with the shirt their were these lil weird stickers..and i never really give it much thought, i really thought they were from a Old Nintendo Game or i just put them on my Studio speakers and went about my day...
Today while on my dude West Coast Haas's blog i noticed that he blog's a lot about this clothing line called " The Hundreds " i then notice that one of the shirts had the same logo as
 one of the i guess i now support "The Hundreds"...Thanks West Coast Haas

P.S W.C Haas...I told you Game 4 and 5  Phillies World Series Baby!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Music Kanye West Heartless

This is 100 times better the Love Lockdown... 

My Reaction to Tony Romo's Broken Finger News!!


I only can think of one person that could bring such Bad Luck to Tony!!!!

IIII Blaaaaame's the Curse!!!!!  

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

PICTURE OF THE DAY!!!!!! Adam Blackstone, Derrick Hodge, & I

Good Friends of mine Adam Blackstone, & Derrick Hodge @ The Common and N.E.R.D Show in Philly Oct 2nd

This Picture is Very Important to me, Derrick was a "Hugh" Infunces on Adam and I growing up. We all went through the Willingboro Music Program..which once was the best Music Program in NEW JERSEY hands down period!...To see people you grew up with, from your home town doing thier thing is a beautiful thing ....... Lil Motown... we here baby!

So Who is Derrick Hodge??

Super Star Bassist.... Common's "BE" Album the Intro Track ..the bass player, yup that's Derrick....also... He played music for "Waist Deep The Movie"

Here's some info on Adam Blackstone..

Jay'z Fade The Black Movie, Jill Scott's " Hate on Me", Musiq Soulchild " Teach Me", and Part of Pharrell's YESSIR's

Kanye said you should give flowers while they can still smell them... well i'm proud of you guys!

Video of the Day- Torae- Switch Prod by Black Milk

Multi-Platinum Producer Johnny J Commits Suicide

Multi-platinum songwriter and music producer Johnny J, committed suicide in the LA County jail Oct. 3rd, reports.

Johnny J is best known for his production work on Tupac Shakur's albums All Eyez on Me ('How Do U Want It,' 'Life Goes On,' 'All Eyez on Me,' ...) and Me Against the World ('Death Around the Corner')

According to early reports, Johnny J jumped off a tier in the jail causing his death the night of Oct. 3rd. He was in the county jail on a DUI charge.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Album Review- T.I 's "Paper Trail"

I was introduced to T.I.P's music in 2003 , on a plane ride back from the ATL, ...a few hours before i jumped on the plane i went to a mom&pop music store and told them i'm was from out of town and i wanted the hottest CD out right now. They gave me a mixtape called " Gansta Grillz" with Outkast and Dj Drama, T.I' s 2nd album "Trap Music" and a David Banner album. I listened Trap Music straight through and by the end of the cd i was like .." Wow".... that was a great album..and it had a certain southern swag to it that really had me feeling like i lived in the dirty Then he dropped "Urban Legend", another good album and then "KING".. which i honestly didn't like. Today I think i've found my favorite album of 2008 and it's   "PAPER TRAIL"...TI Really Killed this Album.. the overall sound of the album was a lil popish with REALLY BIG HOOKS and SING ALONGS but the songs are CRAZY. Lyrics Outstanding, Production Awesome and the Topic's where Dope too. This is exactly how you bounce back from all the media's funny cuz no matter how much media drama happens to can all be forgotten with HIT RECORDS !!( for example Michael Jackson...R. Kelly..Jay-z Kanye West ect..)  Here's my take on the Album Song for Song...

1-56 Barz - Dope intro.. good way to start of... from the jump he's coming at Shorty Lo

2- Im Illy- Very Raw- Lyrics Go Hard ....He sounded like he was like " What?!? Do you Know who you Fucking With" before he starting recording....

3- Ready for Whatever- Nice bounce, the same TI bounce he always use but it works so fuck it

4- On Top of the World- Luda Killed it, Hands Down good to hear them on the Same Track

5-Live your Life- Probably right my favorite record because again The Lyrics the beat is dumb dope...hook very catchy, you cant go wrong with Rihanna right now...Even though she's in the Pop World...her sound is very Global and works perfect with this song..If not Her i could sing Akon Doing this record as well ..this is gonna look crazy "Live"

6- Whatever you Like- Song for the cant help but to sing along....shit! but i think it's he's swag that sells the record...

7- No Matter What- This is was the 1st song i heard from the album and even-though he's going in..i think i'd past on this one....this is a great song for a War Movie or Struggle but Overcome type of Movie

8- My Life Your Entertainment- Hot

9- Porn Star- Cool but not my twist...the only record i like that he did in this kind of style was from Trap Music and it had Jazzy Fae on the Hook..that record was dope

10-Swing Ya Rag- Swizz...Swizz Record...Club Bangger hands down

11- What's Up What's Happen- This is my Favorite Record on the Album....If your Shorty sorry but he KILLED YOU on this Record...and made sound like it was easy and fun doing it too... The same feeling i get when i hear "What you know about that", or Kanye's " Can't Tell me Nothing " I get when i hear this song.....THE HOOK IS HUGH! I Gotta see this song performed live!

12- Every Chance I Get- Going in Again...

13- Swagga Like Us- K West - did cool- Jayz- Kill it- Wayne- ????? what the fuck did he say?..i guess it was ok....T.I- he went in...he was like fuck playing

14- Slide Show- this was kool...nice smooth... lyrics dope..and John Legend did his thing..
(even-though i dont like him and his

15-You Aint Missin Nothing- When listening to this i felt like this is the song that TI will be listening to the much when he has to serve his sentence ....

16- Dead and Gone- I think that was Justin Timberlake on the hook...this song is really dope..
it shows how far T.I was grown and a artist and as a man...real dope song..

OVERALL- 9.5 out 10 and a MUST COP

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Album Sales for 9/28

Many hip-hop heads may be disappointed this week in the sales as only Young Jeezy was able to maintain a top 10 spot. Jeezy wheeled in close to 41,000 as he rounded up the top 10 at number 9. Jeezy is currently at 450,000 records sold and is clearly on his way to gold.

Wayne continues his onslaught as he comes in at number 11. The Carter III pushed about 36,000, inching Wayne closer to 2.5 million copies sold. The Game's LAX album was 14, selling 29,000.

Nelly may have lost his commercial appeal with his latest effort Brass Knuckles. Nelly finds himself at number 19, selling under 26,000 for the week. His overall total the past two weeks is almost at 110,000 records sold.

Underground artist Z-Ro made himself apparent on the radar this week by releasing Crack. The Rap-A-Lot artist was able to crack the top 50 by selling over 10,000 is debut week

It's so hard to say goodbye, BET Cancels Rap City!!


BET has decided to pull the plug on hip hop show, Rap City. The show will be replaced with a new show on November 10th titled, The Deal hosted by DJ Diamond Kutz. "The Deal" will focus on hip hop, and several themes from Rap City, including pop up video segments. There will be a farewell Rap City episode, but an air date has not been set. 

My Thought's: I'm really sad to see Rap City go..there were some classic moments on Rap Many Dope Freestyles and before Rap City their was what?!?... "YO MTV RAPS"  ...and i really it's important we keep HipHop/Rap or whatever on T.V so I Hope this new show does well.....I personally think that Kutz is a GREAT Dj.....anybody in the tri-state area knows..she's goes is dope to see a female dj hang with the boyz ...this is a Great move for her...Philly Radio is kool but this could open a lot of new doors for her so ...DJ DIAMOND KUTZ...Get it Poppin! ( inside joke)...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Speaking of Jay-Z, Blueprint 3 Track Listing

The Blue Print Three
1. “Wake Up New York (Intro)”
2. “Most Kings”
3. “Hades (Lucifer part two)”
4. “Eternal Jewels” (feat. and prod. by Jay Electronica)
5. “Blueprint 3″
6. “Lucy” (feat. Chris Martin)
7. “The Audacity of Dope”
8. “S-L-U Part Two” (feat. Nas, Andre 3000, and Young Jeezy)
9. “Election Night (We Believe in Obama)”
10. “Just Memories”
11. “Apostate” (feat. and prod. by Eminem)
12. “Oasis”
13. “My Brothers Keeper” (feat. Scarface)
14. “Brooklyn Lost”
15. “Weeds and Concrete”
16. “Without Rain…”

We are hearing that an unofficial track listing for Jay-Z’s upcoming disc, The Blueprint Three, has been leaked. Reports indicate that guests include Chris Martin, Nas, Andre 3000, Young Jeezy, Eminem, Scarface and Jay Electronica. The Blueprint Three is slated for release on December 2nd. — Elle Castro