Monday, September 8, 2008

Leona Lewis Super Bad Chick & Lil Coon Ass Wayne

I know im a lil late but Yo, Leona Lewis is kinda bad if you ask me...maybe it's cuz she reminds me a lil of my girl..(sorry babes)  but i seen the vma's and not only did she look great, she killed her lil intro song before Lil Coon Ass Wayne had to come out and show his ass to the homo but Come on man...have a lil bit of respect for yourself!!...Lil Wanye went from being the best rapper of  "Right Now" just another rap nigga with some money ...dam wayne  .or maybe like leona said..your just "Misunderstood" ...yea whatever.... Leona my hat goes off to you.... check out the video if you missed it

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