Monday, August 24, 2009

S.S.S In the Studio with rising star Young Steff

Jersey Stand up we in here!

S.S.S In the Studio with Melissa Jay (New Artist) Pt1

My New Favorite Artist.... Melissa Jay.. 

S.S.S- Versatile & I playing around on the piano

Us playing around in the Studio


Trump and Deap showing love @ " Everybody wants a beat from Dilemma" Pt2 coming soon

S.S.S- Just Call me One Take "D"....

 I really like this hook, when i wrote it i was thinking maybe a Fab & Akon colabo or something like that, (mind you this was taped waaay before Fab's album was done)... I normally don't put these types of videos up  but i thought it was dope that i got most of the idea hook on the 1st take!..... I had to press record then run in the - peep My "Michael Jackson" at the end of the 
Recording "Remember Me" for the 1st time
production- Dilemma & Cardiak

S.S.S In the Studio with the Antonella Barba

Meet Antonella Barba, a very beautiful & talented singer from JERSEY i met through my homie Eric...You might have seen her on "American Idol" a few seasons back, she came by the studio to work on a few records....she has great energy and a wonderful voice....stay tuned