Saturday, May 30, 2009

Supposed to be Chillin, Ended Up Killin!!

I'm at my homies Tooth's Crib in V.A Beach and  i'm supposed to be relaxing taken a small break from life when he says he has this sample that he chopped up but didn't know what to do with it...sooo..of course i had to have a little fun with it and Drew caught it all on tape....the sample is crazy hot....i haven't made a track like that in sooo long.. it brought me back to my  good ole MPC 2000 XL days....i miss those days... 

...Yo did anyone check out the Niko machine in the background?....remember my xmas wish list last year..yessir!!..I got a chance to play with it also, its pretty dope but just a little overwhelming me

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hello World Meet: Eric Coleman aka Ukulel "E"

He's takes great photos and plays the hell out of a Guitar! (Ukulel)

Album Sells 5-27-09

Em moved 609,416 units on his first week, taking the #1 spot.
A lot of people were wondering if Relapse would sell more than Lil Wayne's Carter III which sold 1,005,545 copies on its first week.
Rock trio Green Day took the 2nd spot with 380,810 sales.
Redman and Method Man beat Busta Rhymes as the duo sold 63,448 units (#4) while Busta debuted at #6 with 59,317 albums sold.
DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz, The Album, debuted at #26 with 17,824 copies moved.
Freeway and Sheek Louch also debuted last week and respectively placed #98 and #121 with 5,311 and 4,309 sales.
Second week sales:
Cam'ron moved close to 15,000 units, a total of 58,345.
Paul Wall sold 8,700 albums, a total of 30,454.
Rick Ross: 290,292 (total)
Asher Roth: 120,726(total)
Jadakiss: 269,348 (total)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I found this on Youtube...John Ducan (pray for me)?

Some how this kid got the beat and did his own song to it...I'm glad his a fan of the beat but come on..if you gonna go in...go for blood!


I got a email about this and said to myself "Why not give it a try"..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photo shoot with The Best In Jersey

What started off as just my homies coming to check out my new spot and hear some new music turned into a Photo Shoot... Ghaygood takes the best pics in Jersey Period!!..yea i said it!! Hello World!!

S.S.S In The Studio with The Lovely Kira DeLara-Pop Singer

You can check her out @

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

S.S.S Happy Cinco De Mayo.. Versatile&Dilemma&Drew

Happy Cinco De Mayo, Versatile came down to work on some new records....and touch up some old ones...Now that i think about it...i would say 85% of the records that versatile and i do...always end up getting placed or bought...Good Shit Vido Check the Video and Enjoy

Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Music-Casino"1st We Gon Drink" produced by Dilemma

Check on this record Let me know what yall think would you dance/drink to it?

(slide note)
I just got a myspace message from a Artist Name Redikalis and he brought to my attention that he has a song called "Drink On" (check it out @  and it has pretty much has the same idea for the hook. Now since i really don't know him or even heard of's just real crazy that both of our hooks sound that much alike plus, the same words and in the same order...crazy right?!? all yall that know me, know that i had this record and idea for a Very Very Long Time (how long cradi?) I tried to get Peddi Crack on it when i 1st made it but that didn't happen. then Meek this right here goes to show you that...well i don't even know what this shows you, this shit is just too crazy to Again I nor Casino did not take your idea or hook...i write tons of hooks i never and would never do that homie...